Rocket Arabic Review

Rocket Arabic

Rocket Arabic is a comprehensive course that teaches you Egpytian Arabic. It consists of lessons in audio format, transcripts and a computer program.

In the lessons an American hostess and two Egyptian native speakers take you through the lessons and teach you how to:

The lessons frequently contain valuable cultural information too and lots of humor to keep you interested.

Rocket Arabic

From what I have seen I can say that Rocket Arabic has a very sound approach to teaching the Egyptian dialect.

Their website contains sample lessons, so you can make up your own mind before you buy.

The downside is that the course does not teach you how to read and write Arabic. For this I recommend getting Arabic Genie. However, Rocket Arabic is a great way to master the real spoken Arabic of Egypt.

One piece of advice: get the digital download version - it's much cheaper than the physical version and you can download it to your computer immediately.

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My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.